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Way Down

Way Down

Way Down

Way Down is a challenging physics-based puzzle game in which the objective is to position the platforms such that the ball is launched and lands in the basket. Get ready and click the "Play" button to begin. Take note of where the ball, the platforms, and the basket appear on the screen. Dropping the ball into the basket at the bottom of the screen requires fine-tuning the platforms. Take note of the platforms' configuration. By clicking and holding the left mouse button in the desired direction, you may move the platform up, down, left, or right. To swap the ball's contacting surface with the base, click double. Dropping the ball from the required height involves careful estimation and calculation to ensure the ball will land in the right basket position. Now is your chance to demonstrate your skills. Get ready to pass challenging levels on a colorful platform!

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How To Play

  • Click the mouse to move the platformer’s position
  • Double-click to rotate the platformer
  • Click the mouse to the ball position to release
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