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APE Sling

APE Sling

APE Sling

APE Sling is a fun shooting game that allows you to swing through an unending tunnel with your monkey companion while avoiding hazardous traps and obstacles. In this game, you and your monkey must swing through an unending tunnel filled with dangerous traps and obstacles. Try to go as far as you can while collecting as many coins as you can along the way! The gameplay is really straightforward and easy to understand. To move your monkey from one blue spot to another, you may either use the mouse on your personal computer or the touch screen if you are playing the game on a touch device. The more you play in the game, the more points you will get. Be wary of spikes, wheels, and any and all of the other hazards, traps, and perils that you may meet. In the event that you collide with them, you will either have to start the level again or go to the next checkpoint. Take a few steps back, point your gun in the desired direction, and then pull the trigger to make your shot. Enjoy it!

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How To Play

  • Click the mouse or touch on the screen to aim and shoot
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