Wood Cutter Santa Idle

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Wood Cutter Santa Idle

Wood Cutter Santa Idle

Wood Cutter Santa Idle

In the entertaining idle game Wood Cutter Santa Idle, you play the role of Santa Claus and assist him in cutting down Christmas trees. The game's gameplay principles are ridiculously easy to understand. To have Santa cut down the tree, all you have to do is click or press on the screen, wherever you are. Every click generates a certain amount of revenue, which may then be used to purchase improvements that are required. Begin working toward improvements after you have made progress, beginning with enhancing Santa's ax and progressing to hacking and slashing at faster speeds. Further, you have the ability to unleash his small elf helper, who will aid in accelerating the procedure. Make an effort to get all of the rewards for your accomplishments.

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to click on the screen to make Santa use the ax.
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