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Clock Clicker

It's time to take a break and spend your time indulging in each click in the addictive and entertaining game Clock Clicker. Take control of your clock! When you first start playing this game, all you have to do is move your mouse around. Do you notice that there is a massive digital clock located smack dab in the center of the screen? You may earn timebucks by either moving the mouse cursor or tapping it. Each and every click on the watch will result in the accumulation of precious time. In order to quickly acquire a significant quantity of timebucks, you will need to click more often and at a quicker rate. You may unlock a variety of improvements with the Timebucks that you earn, and each of these upgrades is the key to increasing the efficiency with which you click. You will be able to gain time-bending skills and see your cash production reach new heights if you pick upgrades carefully as you move through the game. Put yourself on a trip that will last forever!

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How To Play

  • Use your mouse to click to the big clock to earn timebucks
  • Use your timebucks to buy upgrades
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