Little Blacksmith Clicker

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Little Blacksmith Clicker

Little Blacksmith Clicker

Little Blacksmith Clicker

In Little Blacksmith Clicker, you take on the role of a skilled blacksmith who is responsible for constructing his powerful armory of weapons and equipment. Right in the middle of the screen is a forge, and clicking on it will allow you to begin your job right away. This gives you the ability to generate a wide range of things and earn money at the same time. You should keep going until you have some money, at which point you should begin purchasing further enhancements that will help you with your task. The more you continue through the game, the more problems you will face, the more rare resources you will acquire, and the more blueprints you will unlock to develop ever more spectacular machines. As you continue to hit the hammer, you are getting closer and closer to becoming a famous blacksmith. This is true whether you are making swords, shields, or magical talismans.

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How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play Little Blacksmith Clicker
  • Buy upgrades to support you

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