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Egg Clicker

Egg Clicker

Egg Clicker

Egg Clicker is an addictive clicker game in which the goal is to gather as many eggs as possible while simultaneously achieving the highest possible score. Due to its simple gameplay and vibrantly colored graphics, this game is enjoyable by players of all ages. If you are prepared, you may get started by pressing the PLAY button that is located on the screen. If you want to gather eggs, all you have to do is click or touch on the egg that is now visible on the screen. When you have finished gathering the required amount of eggs, you will unlock the ability to make further enhancements to your farm. The number of points that you have is directly proportional to the number of eggs that you have collected. Your mouse click speed will be shown directly on the screen underneath the large egg. You can also see this information. Start playing right now to uncover a ton of surprising challenges!

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How To Play

  • Click the mouse/ Tap on the screen to collect the eggs

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