Cookie Clicker: Straberry

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Cookie Clicker: Straberry

Cookie Clicker: Straberry

Cookie Clicker: Straberry

In Cookie Clicker Straberry, your goal is to amass as many strawberry cookies as you can and establish your very own empire filled with strawberry treats. The gameplay of this game is quite similar to that of the well-known Cookie Clicker, which is playable by clicking on the screen. You are looking at the television in front of you, and immediately in the center of the screen, you notice a gigantic strawberry cookie. You can gather them by clicking. Your ability to click quickly will determine the number of strawberry cookies you are able to acquire. You will be able to buy more improvements in the shop if you have a certain quantity of strawberry cookies. These upgrades will allow you to gather cookies more quickly. On the right-hand side of the main screen, when you want to buy a new upgrade, you can clearly see how many strawberry cookies you need to buy it. Have a good time playing!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse or drag your fingers to click Big Cookie Strawberry on the main screen.
  • Buy improvements and get additional value.
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