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War Clicks

War Clicks

War Clicks

In War Clicks, you control an army to prepare the soldiers for battle by providing them with training and allowing them to acquire appropriate upgrades. Your adventure starts with you attending boot camp. While you are here, your primary objective is to amass a powerful army. There are many different pieces of equipment that you have the ability to acquire, such as infantry combat vehicles, tanks, artillery, submarines, helicopters, and battle cruisers. After you have completed BootCamp and ensured that your soldiers are properly armed, it is time to enter WarZone, where you will participate in conflicts that never stop. You will be put to the test in terms of your strategic decisions and improvements as you attempt to achieve military dominance. Not only does your growth represent accomplishment, but it also contributes to the strengthening of the might of your country. All the best!

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How To Play

  • Beginning with the most basic soldier, you will need to click in order to train troops and produce power in order to purchase upgrades and additional units.
  • When you take your army into combat, you will gain accomplishments and awards. These rewards may be utilized to further develop your army.
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