Idle: Merger Collider

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Idle: Merger Collider

Idle: Merger Collider

Idle: Merger Collider

In the entertaining idle game Idle: Merger Collider, your objective is to accumulate wealth and purchase more balls so that they may generate income for you. As the primary component of this game, balls of varying colors will take center stage. In the beginning, you will only have one ball, and if you click on the main screen, the ball will be hit to the edge of the field. These are the only balls you will have. Your budget will be increased as a result of this. As soon as you have a certain amount of money, you will be able to begin acquiring further improvements in order to improve your overall performance. It is possible to observe all of the improvements, as well as the cost of each upgrade, at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen that displays the game. Additionally, as you make progress in the game, you will have access to more costly improvements, which will result in an increase in the pace at which you earn. In order to achieve the greatest possible profit, it is essential to make efficient use of the money that has been generated. Be sure to stay on the playground until you have acquired all of the improvements and have constructed your very own empire!

How To Play

  • Click to earn money
  • Buy upgrades that help maximize profits
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