IDLE: Balls In The Pit

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IDLE: Balls In The Pit

IDLE: Balls In The Pit

IDLE: Balls In The Pit

In Idle: Balls In The Pit, your objective is to create a wide variety of balls that may be utilized to make money when they roll and fall into the pit. Earning money and expanding your ball empire may be accomplished with the assistance of balls that fall into a variety of colors, sizes, and values. You begin with ten dollars. Make use of this money to get little blue balls started on the field with a minimal amount of money. When they race towards the field, they will strike the wall, which will result in you earning money. However, the most money will be earned if the ball is able to leap into the hole that is placed in the bottom right corner of the screen. At the very bottom of the horizontal panel, there are buttons. Your financial level in the top left corner will steadily rise, which will cause this to progressively activate. You should begin purchasing improvements for your balls as soon as you have acquired a steady source of revenue. When you update your ball, it becomes more powerful during boss battles, which results in a greater amount of money being awarded to you. Have a good time playing!

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How To Play

  • Use your mouse or click to buy balls and upgrades.
  • The balls will automatically earn money for you.
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