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UFO Clicker

UFO Clicker

UFO Clicker

UFO Clicker is an entertaining clicker game in which your goal is to save as many aliens as you can while simultaneously achieving the highest score you can. If you are ready, just touch the PLAY button on the screen, and you may start playing right away! Your human buddies are shown on the monitor in front of you, waiting for alien spacecraft to come and save you. It seems that your spacecraft has arrived at its location. Your task at this point is to bring them up to speed. Make use of the mouse to move your goods to where they belong. One of these individuals serves as a representative of the point. The more people you save, the better your overall score will be. Your victory points may be used toward the purchase of upgrades for your spacecraft, allowing you to save more aliens. Enjoy yourselves!

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How To Play

  • Click the mouse to play
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