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RPG Clicker

RPG Clicker

RPG Clicker

RPG Clicker is a fun and addictive clicker game in which you take on the role of a hero and defend a peaceful town from the clutches of wicked monsters. To begin, hit the Enter key if you are prepared to take on the difficulties that lie ahead. The view within the town may be seen on the screen in front of you right now. Other heroes have been battling for a long time, and because of this, they are unable to continue fighting with you at this moment; instead, they can only provide you with some vital advice. You will be on your own to defend yourself from the beasts in the wilderness. To cut them, just click on them. You will get some gold from the creatures that you kill when you have defeated them. You may improve both your weaponry and your combat power by making use of this gold. Remember to give your energies a boost so that you can be ready to battle at all times. Are you able to safeguard the village?

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How To Play

  • Press Enter to start
  • Use WASD/ arrow keys to move
  • Use the mouse to lock out the monsters
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