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Smartphone Tycoon

Smartphone Tycoon

Smartphone Tycoon

In Smartphone Tycoon, you start your own mobile device manufacturing firm and build the most cutting-edge and potent mobile gadgets possible. You will have access to a diverse pool of options, technologies, and innovations from which to make your selection. Therefore, the success of your firm will be totally dependent on the imaginative capacity and astute business sense that you possess. Your primary objective is to achieve international recognition and position your firm at the pinnacle of success in the global market. You may begin by staffing an empty office by employing people if you have some startup funding and the space is unoccupied. The next step is to design your future gadget, come up with a name and a logo for it, and decide on its technical specifications, such as its screen, camera, CPU, random access memory, battery, and other crucial aspects. Conquer the world of the telephone industry!

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