Little Farm Clicker

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Little Farm Clicker

Little Farm Clicker

Little Farm Clicker

Little Farm Clicker is a fun farming game in which you start with a modest plot of land and work your way up to being the most successful farmer in the area. Create and run your very own farm from the ground up right now! You should get started farming and taking care of your animals right away. Foster the growth of a wide range of plants, such as fruits, vegetables, and grains, and tend to their needs as they develop. If you want a big crop, you need to take care to provide them with consistent watering and keep pests away from them. Grow your business by purchasing more property and gaining access to other crop types to broaden your product offering. Create the offspring of the animals you wish to keep on your farm. Take care of them by giving them food, drink, and a safe place to sleep. You may earn more money by harvesting materials such as milk, eggs, and wool from your animals and selling them. Increase your farm's output by purchasing new buildings, equipment, and tools and improving your existing ones. Enjoy it!

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How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play
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