Penalty Shooters 2

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Penalty Shooters 2

Penalty Shooters 2

Penalty Shooters 2

Welcome to our sports game world! Play as your favorite team, defend the goal, and take penalties in a competition for the Soccer Cup in Penalty Shooters 2. Each player has five attempts at shooting and five at blocking in a given round. Reaching the championship game of this sporting event is a requirement for victory. To begin playing, choose an option from the menu. Each player will take a turn shooting after defending their own goal from the other team's penalties. Getting to a situation as dangerous and exciting as a penalty shootout in football requires grit and dedication, making the game unsuitable for those who lack such qualities in their athletic pursuits. The finish is in sight for that hard path. Here is your moment to display not only your extraordinary talent but also your drive and dedication. The best player will ultimately emerge as the winner of the final match. Kicking a free kick always carries some degree of danger, but it also adds a thrilling dynamic that is seldom seen in other sports. Provided both sides have scored after five innings, the winner will be determined by who scores more goals in the penalty shootout. If one team scores more goals on free kicks than the other can in the remaining time of the shootout, the game will conclude swiftly.

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How To Play

  • To score a goal as a free kicker, click and hold the mouse at the correct moment and wait for the target red dot to run to the position you chose to fire from. Stop clicking around immediately. The kick will be executed instantly, with the outcome shown in the screen's bottom-right corner. Don't presume anything; the opposition goalie has seen where your shots have gone in the past. So, it is recommended that you occasionally adopt a different shooting position.
  • Being a successful goalkeeper requires constant mental vigilance. Pay close attention to the red dot when your teammate sets up a kick, and only let them shoot once it appears. Click on the area most in danger to have the goalie react swiftly and make a save. Timing your mouse clicks perfectly is essential if you want the goalie to come out and capture the ball.

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