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Only Up! Forward

Only Up! Forward

Only Up! Forward

It's time to relax and play Only Up! Forward! Get ready to show off your skills and strategy while overcoming obstacles to complete challenging levels. Taking place in a post-apocalyptic setting, this is a jumping simulation action game with 3D animated visuals. The game should be started, and you should search for any in-game tutorials or on-screen prompts that explain the controls and the mechanics of the game. Explore the seven difficult stages of Only Up! Forward!

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How To Play

  • In this game, you will get the opportunity to meet Jackie, a young woman who hails from the tough streets of the slums. Jackie has an intense desire to break free from the constraints of poverty, which sparks an inner fire that drives her to investigate not only the vastness of the globe but also the depths of their own identity. Jackie is able to see opportunities within the turmoil that exists in a world that is always evolving. The current turmoil that is occurring all around the world is a rallying cry, a chance to take courageous actions toward reform. Assist Jackie in overcoming challenges and completing the race in the shortest period of time possible. Be sure to remember to gather dazzling stars along the route; if you do not have them, you will not be able to trigger the portal that leads to the next level.
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