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Noodle Clicker

Noodle Clicker

Noodle Clicker

Noodle Clicker is an entertaining and addictive idle game in which all you need to do is click to accumulate coins and upgrades to continue growing. This game is for players of all ages with straightforward gameplay, vibrant color graphics, and realistic sound. Noodles will serve as both the primary character and the primary control system in this game. Set about your business by clicking on the box to take coins out of it. Click the advanced button to bring up a panel with many options at the bottom of the screen after typing at least 100 characters. To boost your productivity, purchase improvements that correspond to your income. Purchasing a robot will cause the money to grow on its own without your input. Let’s get started and enjoy it!

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How To Play

  • Click the mouse on the noodles on the screen.
  • Upgrade to improve your productivity.
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