Noob Chicken Farm Tycoon

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Noob Chicken Farm Tycoon

Noob Chicken Farm Tycoon

Noob Chicken Farm Tycoon

Noob Chicken Farm Tycoon has made your dream of owning your chicken farm a reality. Join today and become a chicken supply tycoon! All you have to do in this entertaining clicker game is breed and improve chickens, acquire handy farm gear, and guard your chicks from fox assaults.

Start your work with basic chickens, but as you grow, you'll be able to improve them to enhance egg output and value. You will also be able to acquire various equipment and products to help your farm run more efficiently. Adorn your hens with amusing masks. Turn your feathery friends into noobs, zombies, demons, cats, and more to lend a sense of whimsy to your farm.

The game provides several sites to create your farm, ranging from tranquil woodlands to peaceful sea days and even the scorching depths of hell. Each area has its own set of problems and growth prospects. Have a great time!

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How To Play

  • To score points, click on the chickens with your mouse rapidly.
  • Purchase different items to help you complete tasks on the farm and new varieties of chickens.
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