Hotel Tycoon Empire

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Hotel Tycoon Empire

Hotel Tycoon Empire

Hotel Tycoon Empire

In Hotel Tycoon Empire, your objective is to take control of a hotel and transform it into one of the world's premier lodging establishments. Beginning with your managerial position is the best place to start. Employ people to assist you in increasing your profits, and then invest in certain enhancements to get the most out of those individuals' potential contributions. To encourage a greater number of customers to book stays at your establishment, you should strive to make it both aesthetically pleasing and up-to-date. In addition to this, you may keep constructing more floors for your hotel, which will result in a rise in the amount of money you get for each click. After your hotel has attained a certain level of prominence due to its size and popularity, you will be awarded honorary stars. You may put those stars to work by opening up other hotels in different cities and towns with larger geographic areas. Have fun!

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