Jungle Matching

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Jungle Matching

Jungle Matching

Jungle Matching

To beat each level in Jungle Matching, you must first discover all of the identical picture pairs hidden throughout the game. All ages may enjoy this puzzle game because of how much fun it is. If you're ready to begin, just hit the play button. The cards on the screen in front of you each have a distinct picture, and they appear in pairs. You'll have around 5 seconds to study the cards and commit their locations to memory. The next step is to locate identical image pairings. Before the timer runs out, you must successfully complete the assignment. To access the cards, just click on them. It's okay if you choose the incorrect card; you get another shot. If you can get everything done before the clock runs out, you win. Can you tell me how many difficult levels there are in Jungle Matching?

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How To Play

  • Click the mouse or touch on the screen to play
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