Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game

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Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game

Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game

Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game

In Sweet Boom - Puzzle Game, your objective is to detonate all the jelly candies to complete the level. Make the biggest bang as you can! The game begins with a screen filled with a variety of jellies, each of which has a unique hue. When you come into contact with them, they will detonate. Their explosive bits will travel in all directions and have the potential to alter the color of the jellies in the surrounding area. Jellies that are being blown will force the pieces of other jellies to collide, which will either eliminate the other jellies or make them all the same color so that the blowing will continue. You have a limited number of taps available for each level, so make the most of them to destroy all of the jelly candies. Make Sweet Boom and use it to clear away the jelly!

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How To Play

  • Use the mouse/ touch on the screen to play
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