Idle Medieval Kingdom

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Idle Medieval Kingdom

Idle Medieval Kingdom

Idle Medieval Kingdom

In Idle Medieval Kingdom, you take on the role of a great monarch who has the aspiration to establish a large empire and conquer new territories. Your ambitions start with a modest and unassuming community. The city that serves as the capital of your kingdom will immediately emerge on the screen in front of you. At the very bottom of the screen, there will be a panel that represents various icons. You are able to carry out any number of tasks just by clicking on them. It is necessary for you to construct new homes and restore the ones that have been damaged. Additionally, you will construct manufacturing facilities for weapons as well as dormitories for troops. Once your army has been assembled, you will proceed to conquer the areas that are nearby. Through the construction of necessary structures, the administration of resources, and the investigation of emerging technologies, you may expand your kingdom. Have fun playing!

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How To Play

  • Simple playing by using your mouse
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