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Progress Knight

Progress Knight

Progress Knight

Progress Knight is a challenging simulation game that takes place in a fantasy medieval environment. Start to climb the professional ladder and achieve success. When you begin playing this game, you will begin as a beggar. Self-employment is not an option for you. Over the course of your life, you have experienced a considerable amount of ups and downs, which has allowed you to acquire new abilities and progressively build up your experience. During this time, you begin to take on new tasks that pay well while simultaneously controlling your living expenses. Depending on how well your current life goes, you'll have the chance to gain prestige and get an experience multiplier for the next one. However, this will come at the expense of losing all of your levels and possessions. But you shouldn't be concerned since you'll go back to your previous levels a lot quicker than you did previously.

How To Play

  • It is possible to define the current skill or profession that you want to study or work on by clicking on the progress bar.
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