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Handyman 3D

Handyman 3D

Handyman 3D

Handyman 3D is an entertaining 3D online game that involves some building labor. In each chapter, try to attain the objective. Let the exciting construction journey begin!

Handyman is a person with skills in the area of building. Even if he is skilled in the use of construction equipment and tools on the job, it seems that he may use your assistance in some way. Sometimes you will have to clean, sometimes you will run construction equipment, sometimes you will build buildings or demolish houses, lay bricks, clean paint buckets, and so on. Sometimes you will build or destroy houses. The completion of each of these tasks will occur one after the other. The Handyman game gives you access to a wealth of information on all things related to building and repair. Come and play this really entertaining construction game!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to interact with the equipment in each chapter.
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