Glass Puzzle

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Glass Puzzle

Glass Puzzle

Glass Puzzle

Reduce your tension with Glass Puzzle by dropping balls and shattering glass. This skill and precision game will test your reflexes and planning abilities. Players of this 2D puzzle are challenged to think in a practical manner and find solutions to challenges using the fewest possible steps. You can activate the machines in your inventory by using the three balls you have, and then you may go around the different platforms to break the glass and wake up the cat. You are able to carry out the directions, and you may keep the first ball. Move around the platform until you locate the location where it will fall safely, and then let go of it. You have the option of aiming directly at the glass in the hopes that it will fall, or you may concentrate on other things on the pedestal that will cause the glass to fall. To earn gold coins, you must first complete each level with the greatest score possible. You may then use your cash to purchase additional balls and glass boxes to decorate your game. Get started, and don't hold back on your creative side!

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How To Play

  • Click the mouse/ tap on the screen to play
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