Foxy Land 2

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Foxy Land 2

Foxy Land 2

Foxy Land 2

Foxy Land 2 is a fun game that anyone who likes action-packed adventures will enjoy. You must hurry in order to rescue your fox pal's family!

Thanks to Foxy the Fox's intriguing backstory, this action-adventure game will take you to a whole new world. Foxy and Jenny and their two fox cubs, Tim and Cindy, have just purchased a home. Everything is going swimmingly until the villainous Duke and his brother Jax launch an assault, tossing everything into the pool before kidnapping the little foxes. As a result of the Wolfie Brothers' malicious plot, Foxy and Jenny must go on an adventurous and perilous journey across the island. No amount of bravery on Foxy's part will suffice. Nevertheless, he needs your assistance. Use the map as a guide to go through the game's stages to rescue his kids. You'll need to watch your step on the platforms, leap high over the chasms, and gather plenty of money to buy lives in case you die. The kids of Foxy need your help, so come and see if you can keep up with the action.

How To Play

  • A\D or virtual arrows =  Move
  • W or Up arrow = Jump
  • G - shooting for player1
  • L - shooting for player2 
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