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Candy Blocks

Candy Blocks

Candy Blocks

Candy Blocks is a fun puzzle option for those who enjoy games in the block genre. Make logical matches between the candy blocks in order to break them. The gameplay is not complicated at all. A chocolate field measuring 6 by 6 squares will appear on the main screen. To earn points, you will need to pair up the candy blocks so that they can arrange themselves in a row of six either horizontally or vertically. You will earn a total of 100 points for each row of six candies that you complete. On the screen, you'll see a few different smiley faces. When you select the happy face icon, a section will become available for exploration. Utilize this function to its full potential. Spending coins allows you to rotate and change the shape of any of the candies that are displayed at the far end of the playing field. Simply by clicking the "Plus" button, you will be able to donate more funds. This is the opportunity to demonstrate how well you can plan and think on your feet. Play now!

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How To Play

  • Use the mouse or touch on the screen to move the blocks
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