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Boxing Random

Attractive fans of boxing games will like Boxing Random, a physics-based ragdoll game. Compete in rounds of varying difficulty and have fun doing it! It's time to enter the ring in Boxing Random. A total of five rounds are awarded to the victorious player. The goal of each round should be to achieve this top spot. Just take your time and come up with a plan that works for you. The game's wide variety of settings and in-game extras is another plus. You may challenge your rivals in a variety of unique settings, such as on or near a beach or a mountain summit. Choose a game type, pick a player, and have as much fun as possible!


  • Images in vivid 2D color
  • Modifying Origins

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How To Play

  • Make your character run, crouch, and leap using the keyboard. To go forward in the characters' dialogue, use the up arrow (or the "W" key).
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