Banana Clicker

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Banana Clicker

Banana Clicker

Banana Clicker

Banana Clicker is an entertaining and addictive clicker game in which the objective is to gather as many bananas as you can. With its really easy gameplay, players of all ages may enjoy it. Click on the big banana to get started. Upgrades that enhance your performance should then be made. Numerous intriguing upgrades are available in the game, such as the equipment system, prestige system, and active and idle improvements. Even if you stop clicking on the banana in the middle of the screen, your profits will continue to soar in the upper left corner of the screen. Fun sound effects are another component of the game that improves the whole experience. Updates to the equipment system, achievements, and upcoming sections make Banana Clicker even more thrilling. Continue clicking to see your banana empire expand!

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How To Play

  • Click the mouse to the banana to collect bananas
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