Monster Clicker

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Monster Clicker

Monster Clicker

Monster Clicker

Monster Clicker is a lot of fun to play and has fantastic visuals for those who are fans of clicker games. Have you tried playing this game? As the player, you take on the role of an explorer who must overcome a horde of dangerous monsters. It is imperative that you eliminate them before being ambushed. The process is rather easy to understand! Just click on them many times in rapid succession. You will be given currency rewards according to the number of monsters you slay. You'll be able to keep track of how many coins you've earned using a handy on-screen counter. You may use this money toward upgrading your primary character's features if you want to do so. Play right now!

Main Feature

  • Simple controls
  • Superbly detailed and vibrant artwork.

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How To Play

  • Click the mouse to play
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