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Box Battle

Box Battle

Box Battle

Box Battle is a fun and addictive clicker game that tests your memory. Do you dare to take risks to achieve the highest score? Get started now! All grid games, including Box Battle, are played on a board divided into columns and rows. The objective of each level is to get and store all of the diamonds. The contents of each box in the grid are first shown at the beginning of each level, but eventually all of the boxes return, and you must remember their contents. By clicking on the column heading and the row number of the box you're interested in, you may see what's hidden in the box below. Take care, man! A dangerous monster lurks behind these cinder blocks. But don't lose hope if a monster appears after your click! You start with three lives and may replenish them by eating strawberries. Enjoy Box Battle now!

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How To Play

  • Use the mouse or tap on the screen to play
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