Among Us Clicker Game

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Among Us Clicker Game

Among Us Clicker Game

Among Us Clicker Game

Among Us Clicker is an idle clicker game based on the famous multiplayer online game Among Us. In this clicker variation, your aim is to click all of the characters that appear as rapidly as possible! This game includes 15 hard stages, with gameplay centered on clicking on teammates to get points. Start clicking, keep clicking, and keep playing to unlock new material and improve your score. As you earn points, you may unlock and enhance many parts of the game, such as new team members, caps, and backdrops. With its distinctive 2D visuals, the Among Us Clicker game will provide you with entertaining moments. Collect a lot of points and explore the world around you. Have fun!


  • Simple clicking controls
  • Casual and Addictive Gameplay
  • Multiple adaptations available

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How To Play

  • Click on the crewmates to earn points
  • Upgrade your clicking abilities to maximize your points
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