Idle Hypermart Empire

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Idle Hypermart Empire

Idle Hypermart Empire

Idle Hypermart Empire

Idle Hypermart Empire is a fun and addictive idle game in which the objective is to expand your company and make as much money as you can. The gameplay itself is extremely easy to understand. You will only need to provide your staff with the appropriate instructions for them to begin creating things. After the things have been manufactured, they are put up for sale, and you then receive some financial compensation. Take the elevator down to the cashier's area and deliver the proceeds there. After you've finished with that, you should deposit the money that you've earned into your account. Make improvements to your supermarket, warehouse, and elevator using the money you have earned. Tasks can be made more automated with the assistance of hiring managers at each site. Coins can be used to unlock more floors of the building. Have fun!

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How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play

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