Alchemy Idle Clicker

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Alchemy Idle Clicker

Alchemy Idle Clicker

Alchemy Idle Clicker

Your goal in Alchemy Idle Clicker is to gather materials to prepare potions, which you can then sell to earn money and expand your company. The first thing you must do is get the least expensive herb. These components can be used to create pharmaceuticals that command greater pricing. You will get more money as you create more potions, and you can use that money to purchase additional upgrades, which you can use to create more potions, find new ingredients to investigate, and produce. The cycle is perpetuated by the introduction of new medications.

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How To Play

  • All you do in this game is click the mouse. To sell anything, click on the products on the right. To purchase fresh units, click on the production units on the left. And to expedite production, click the production units in the center.
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