The Bonfire Forsaken Lands

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The Bonfire Forsaken Lands

The Bonfire Forsaken Lands

The Bonfire Forsaken Lands

It's time to play The Bonfire Forsaken Lands where you establish your own village in the middle of the wilderness and then explore the area around it. It may seem like a straightforward assignment, but each action you perform must be carefully analyzed and planned out in advance. You will be rewarded for your efforts with the collection of a wide variety of raw resources. While you are constructing new structures, you should organize a group of maids, make a large bonfire, and lure more employees with it. Gather food, construct lamps so that you can keep a watch on your surroundings at night, and most importantly, construct a dwelling for all of your employees. You may engage in commerce with the items that are produced on your property, sell them in the market, build your lovely town, and enjoy fantastic visuals that are both simple and spectacular while listening to great background music.

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