Tank MIX

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Tank MIX

Tank MIX

Tank MIX

In Tank Mix, you will join in the creation of massive armies of tanks for the purpose of defending against an alien invasion. By combining your existing improvements, you can create a wide range of new tank types. You will only be allowed to combine tanks of the same level, which means that you will need to pay attention to detail and be consistent in all of your actions. Simply dragging the tank into the battleground with your finger is all that is required to bring it into play. As soon as it enters the battleground, the tank will autonomously drive and fire at enemy vessels, rewarding the player with cash for each successful hit. These coins may be used toward the purchase of various tank models that have been studied in the past. You may get a variety of boosters from the drone, or you can purchase them from the store.

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How To Play

  • Use the  mouse to play
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