Swarm Simulator: Evolution

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Swarm Simulator: Evolution

Swarm Simulator: Evolution

Swarm Simulator: Evolution

Swarm Simulator: Evolution is a fun incremental game in which you are tasked with managing a swarm of larvae and devising tactics to build your larval empire. In this game, you will begin with a tiny group of insects. In order to establish an unstoppable force, you will need to rapidly expand your army and add additional bugs to it. You will need to acquire flesh from the larvae that you discover along the path. It is important to provide your larvae with sufficient food and nourishment. Continue gathering more meat and larvae, and continue extending your territory across the cosmos. Develop into a massive empire of larvae!


Swarm Simulator: Evolution is also an addictive simulation game that you may play with a 3D evolution concept. This game is excellent for players of all ages since it has visuals that are of high quality, gameplay that is straightforward, and a lot of depth. You will also be able to earn a large number of upgrades and boosts, and each time you resume the game, you will be transported to a new globe and given access to powerful new mutations.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play Swarm Simulator: Evolution
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