Stall Life Simulation

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Stall Life Simulation

Stall Life Simulation

Stall Life Simulation

In Stall Life Simulation, you own a stall and display your products. Sell to make money and become a business tycoon in your field! In the beginning, you have a simple booth. Develop effective methods for selling things and increasing your revenue, then put those methods into action. Advertising is a viable investment option for you. You have it correctly. It was not a terrible plan at all. In order for people to learn more about your items, you should promote them. You will be able to purchase more stalls to develop your company after you have earned money. There are ten distinct stalls, each of which generates unique revenue, and all of them are capable of being improved. In order to become the business mogul in your town, you will need to make the appropriate judgments and methods.

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How To Play

  • Click the left mouse to play
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