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Slime Farm

Slime Farm

Slime Farm

Welcome to Slime Farm, a fun agricultural game with some adorable slimes! These adorable creatures will fill your farm and become great friends. You will be able to expand your slime business and bring in more revenue with the help of this new farm. You'll be able to rapidly construct each of the prettiest slimes if you use the appropriate method. You can speed up your delivery by holding on to the trucks and sliding them out of the way, or you can make the slimes operate more quickly by tapping them. There are no modifications that can immediately restart these operations; nevertheless, you may boost your revenues by renting additional slimes and increasing the capacity of your trucks. In order to maximize productivity, you need to train all of your employees to level 10 and then update all of your vehicles. To grow your company, click the "Level Up" icon in the upper right corner, then purchase more farms. With the help of Slime Farm, it's time to start a company selling slime! Get started now!


  • Adorable characters
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Easy controls

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How To Play

  • Click the mouse to play
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