Save The Ball 3D

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Save The Ball 3D

Save The Ball 3D

Save The Ball 3D

The objective of Save the Ball 3D is to avoid causing the ball any damage while attempting to guide it to the finish line in an unharmed manner. This is a fun third-person adventure game with challenging obstacles to overcome. The visuals are eye-catching. To begin right away, you may begin by tapping the PLAY button that is shown on the screen. You will see a depiction of the environment that your character will be traversing right in front of you on the screen. Take a careful look at what's being shown on the screen. There will be many different kinds of obstructions in the way of the ball as it makes its way through the course. You are going to need to shift them in order to totally liberate the space in the surrounding area. You will accomplish this goal with the assistance of a little black hole, which will swallow all of the things in its path. Have fun playing!

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How To Play

  • Use WASD/ arrow keys to move the black hole
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