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Rublox Space Farm

Rublox Space Farm

Rublox Space Farm

Enjoy some downtime with Rublox Space Farm—it's easy and entertaining. Explore over 20 levels of breathtaking and perilous space travel. Your goal is to get the hero to the spacecraft in one piece so that he can go to the next level. Time is of the essence at every stage. Go through each path with the arrows; you must reach your spacecraft and base in order to finish them. Defeating foes is a great way to level up, so be sure to utilize the spacebar to your advantage. To stay alive, you'll need to smash blocks, dodge explosives, avoid spikes, and fight off alien monsters. Bear in mind that there are a total of three lives, and if you lose all three, the game is over. Jump on the Roblox Space Farm right now! Enjoy!

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How To Play

  • Use WASD/ arrow keys to move
  • Utilize the spacebar to defeat foes
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