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Pumpkin Panic

Pumpkin Panic

Pumpkin Panic

It’s time to relax and have fun with Pumpkin Panic! Explore a world that is full of pumpkins, ghosts, and other strange things as you play this survival game. The first thing you do in this game is become the owner of a pumpkin farm for the Halloween season. On the other hand, these pumpkins unexpectedly transform into terrifying creatures that attack and put the safety of the village in jeopardy. You take on the role of a hero who is faced with the responsibility of defending the city and restoring order in the face of pumpkins that have invaded. In order to tackle progressively harder difficulties, you will need to solve puzzles, acquire things, and increase your abilities. Best of luck to you!

How To Play

  • To maneuver your character, you may use the WASD/ arrow keys.
  • To leap, use the spacebar.
  • To run, use the Shift key.
  • To shoot, use the F key.
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