Power Puzzle - Merge Numbers

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Power Puzzle - Merge Numbers

Power Puzzle - Merge Numbers

Power Puzzle - Merge Numbers

The objective of Power Puzzle - Merge Numbers is to form blocks with greater numbers by merging tiles of the same value into larger blocks. This brain-twisting puzzle game is not only enjoyable and addicting, but it also helps you develop your capacity for logical reasoning. The game does not have any time constraints or tasks to complete. Both young people and older people will enjoy playing the game because its visuals are appealing to people of all ages. You travel around the board by clicking on different cells with the objective of linking four cells that have the same value. After you have accomplished that, the cells will be combined into a single cell that has a higher value. In this manner, you will also get free space on the board. After each move, if there are any spaces in which there are no linked tiles, those spaces will be filled with new tiles chosen at random. The game is over when there is nowhere else on the board for any more tiles to go. Relax and have fun playing!

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How To Play

  • Use the mouse or tap on the screen to play
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