Pizza Clicker!

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Pizza Clicker!

Pizza Clicker!

Pizza Clicker!

Pizza Clicker! is an entertaining clicker game in which your objective is to make as many pizzas as you can and eventually become the pizza boss. The gameplay is no different from that of any other idle clicker game. You may get the pizza by left-clicking on the pizza that is located in the center of the screen. Your ability to click will determine the number of pizzas you are able to acquire. You will be able to make purchases for upgrades to your pizza shop after you have accumulated a particular quantity of pizza. Each improvement will result in an increase in either your click-through rate or your profits. The cost of each subsequent improvement that you acquire in the game grows as the game progresses. Are you capable of establishing a prosperous pizza company and accomplishing all of the game's available achievements?

How To Play

  • Click the mouse or touch on the main screen to play
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