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Pip Factory

Pip Factory

Pip Factory

Pip Factory is a fun clicker game in which you are in possession of magical dice. The objective is to roll the dice and construct your empire of dice. You begin with a single pair of dice. Simply clicking on that dice will get you points. Each of the tiny dots on the dice represents the value of one point. Maintain the process of rolling the dice. There is a factory in the upper left corner of the screen, and when you begin to make progress, you will be able to purchase more dice from there. You also have the option to acquire additional improvements that will assist you in improving the quality of your dice rolls. Zooming in and out will allow you to expand your dice factory to a broader region inside the game. Have some fun!

How To Play

  • Left click: Roll the dice
  • Left click and drag: buy more dice
  • Move object
  • Right click and drag
  • Zoom in and out: Ctrl + scroll mouse
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