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Particle Clicker

Particle Clicker

Particle Clicker

Particle Clicker is an incremental idle game that simulates particle physics research in which the goal is to create and collect as many particles as possible. You can start the game by clicking on the circles on the screen; random lines of particles will explode. As you accumulate seeds, you can use them to purchase upgrades and research new technologies, improve laboratories, invest in students and PhD candidates, and more to improve its seed production capacity.

Particle Clicker offers a unique combination of entertainment and learning, making it the ideal choice for those looking for a fun way to explore the fundamental building blocks of the universe. Get ready to click, experiment, and discover the secrets of the subatomic world in this exciting science adventure!


  • Particle Clicking and upgrades
  • Simple controls
  • Entertainment gameplay

How To Play

  • Simple by clicking to the Particle on the screen
  • Upgrade to maximize the production
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