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Obby Flip

Obby Flip

Obby Flip

Obby Flip is an exciting and challenging arcade game for players. Get ready to jump and fly over every obstacle in the house to reach the bedroom. This is a fresh take on the classic jumping game that adds a strategic element for the whole family to enjoy in a fun and engaging environment. Obby must use his wits and dexterity to make his way through the home, avoiding obstacles like the sofa, the table, and the stairs. Every leap you take will transport you to a state of pure delight! By tossing it around the bedroom, you can put the character to sleep. Due to the abundance of hazards and traps, this is not your average room. The game's 20 levels are unlocked in stages, beginning with the first level. To advance through the level and turn the character around, just click on the screen. To keep them from falling from above, you must maintain them in the air while avoiding dangerous traps. Reaching the bed will allow you to pass the level. Also, be sure to gather the diamonds and money that you'll find at each level. Unlock new skins by using them. Can you complete all the levels? Explore!

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How To Play

  • Use your mouse to flip your main character
  • Avoid touching the floor and other obstacles
  • Collect money and diamonds and unlock new characters
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