Noob Button 2

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Noob Button 2

Noob Button 2

Noob Button 2

In Noob Button 2, your objective is to assist Noob and Pro in surviving perilous encounters between warriors and hideous animals. It's an extremely casual game with simple gameplay and stunning pixelated visuals that evoke nostalgia. All it takes is a mouse click to launch the game. The screen in front of you will turn into a playing field with a button of a specific size in the middle of it. There's a table with text messages above this field. In the game Noob Button 2, you will get points by pressing the button more often, which will cause additional chat lines to display at the top.

When you complete all the levels and chapters of Noob Button 2, you'll discover the thrilling plot of this adventure. Every button press pulls you farther into its richly detailed world, from conquering obstacles to discovering new achievements. Enjoy yourself!

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How To Play

  • Click the mouse to the button on the screen
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