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Muscle Clicker

Muscle Clicker

Muscle Clicker

In Muscle Clicker, your goal is to help a skinny person become lean and muscular. Join now, practice, and compete to earn money! To change your figure, you must engage in various exercises and find ways to develop your muscles. You can lift weights, rotate the pedals, and participate in pull-ups and squat competitions. Each click represents your effort, and as you accumulate clicks, you will witness your character's progress. Then, when you have enough money, you can buy more equipment to help you gain muscle, money, and experience. As you gain more experience, you can also increase your strength and stamina. Unlock much larger weights, bikes, and all kinds of strength training machines, and thanks to your perseverance, you will gain as much muscle and endurance as possible by transforming your entire body into pure muscle. Embark on your fitness journey now!

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How To Play

  • Simple play by clicking your mouse

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