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Moosha is a fun and addictive online game that combines the appeal of RPG gameplay with the simplicity of idle mechanics. When the game is started, it will automatically participate in combat; however, the player has the ability to click on foes to modify the target of their assault. Players are able to customize their approach to fighting by targeting certain foes or improving their damage output, thanks to this strategic feature of the game. Through the accumulation of experience points (XP) and the progression of the forge's level, new game levels become available to the player. The more experience points and smithing levels a player accumulates, the more levels they will eventually reach.

In addition, Moosha provides players with a treasure trove of equipment and gear, which includes more than 200 different things for them to gather. You may not only improve your character's powers by equipping them with strong weapons and protective armor, but you can also cultivate your passion for exploration and customization. This will ensure that each and every game will provide you with a one-of-a-kind and individualized experience. Have fun!

How To Play

  • The game will automatically attack for you, but you have the ability to alter the enemy that is being assaulted by clicking on the adversary.
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